Software Testing

About this course,  Enroll in this Software Testing course to unleash and master the tools and techniques to build special applications. The course shall help you understand and work strategically in developing and testing. This training will teach you how to write functional tests, integration tests, performance tests, security tests, and stress testing. You will also learn how to code your own automated tests using Selenium Web Driver for testing web applications.



3 Months










  What is Automation Testing ?

  When we Switch to Automation Testing ?

  Why Automation testing?/Advantages


  Automation Testing Tools


  What is Selenium

  Why Selenium? / Advantages

  What are its versions?

  What all OS, Browsers, and Programming Languages it Support?


  Purposes and functionalities

  Understanding the components

  Selenium RC

  Selenium IDE

  Selenium webdriver

  Selenium Grid

  When to use Grid


  Third party drivers and plugin

  Driver requirements

  What is WebDriver

  Selenium Architechture

  Simple Program in Selenium WebDriver

  WebDriver methods


  Desired Capability

  Downloading driver file

  Downloading selenium jarfile

  Chrome Browser Launching

  Safari Browser Launching

  InternetExplorer Browser Launching

  Installing FireBug and FirePath

  Firefox Browser Launching


  Inspecting elements in different browsers .










  Contains Xpath

  Text Xpath

  Text Contains Xpath

  Attribute with contains










  Relative Xpath

  Absolute Xpath

  Difference between Absolute Xpath and Relative Xpath

  Limitations in Absolute xpath

  Advantages of using Relative xpath


  Finding checkboxes count

  Checking the visiblity of Check Box

  Checking the properties of Check Box

  Identifying common locator for all checkboxes

  Checking toggled attribute


  Handling the Text Box

  Checking the visiblity of Text Box

  Checking the properties of Text Box

  Identifying common loactor for all TextBoxes

  Finding Textboxes count


  Handling the Radio Button

  Checking the visiblity of Radio Button

  Checking the properties of Radio Button

  Identifying common loactor for all Radiobuttons

  Finding radiobuttons count


  Absolute Path method

  Relative XPath method

  Identify by index

  Preceeding-sibling,Following-sibling concept

  Ancestor ,parent concept

  Common tagname(

  ) method

  Multiple attributes to locate an element


  Navigate To Command

  Forward Command

  Back Command

  Refresh Command

  navigate method over get method

  Navigation by using JavascriptExecutor


  Fetching a web page

  Locating elements and sending user inputs

  Clearing User inputs

  Fetching data over any web element

  Performing Click event

  Navigating backward in browser history

  Navigating forward in browser history

  Refresh/ Reload a web page

  Closing Windows

  Closing Browser

  Handling Windows

  Handling Frames

  Handling Drag and Drop


  Drag and Drop

  Mouseover Action

  Right Click

  Double Click

  Performing Multiple Actions

  Accessing modifier keys using Actions class


  Switching into A

  Alert methods

  Types of Alert

  Handling the Alert

  Passing the inputs to Alerts

  Entering text into Alert

  Get the text present in Alert


  Handling the Window based popups

  Handling the Notification popups

  Handling pop-ups using Robot class

  Handling the Login popups

  Chrome Options




  Need of Robot Class

  Methods to implement this class

  Mouse click using Robot class


  Copy Operations

  Cut Operations

  Paste Operations

  File Uploading

  Alert Handling


  Need for Waits

  Static waits

  Dynamic waits

  Implicit Waits

  Explicit Waits

  Fluent Waits

  WebDriver Waits


  Click Operation

  Fetching the Data from Weblement

  Sending the Inputs to WebElement

  Scrolling Operations


  Need for Frames

  Identifying a Frame

  Switching to Frames using Selenium WebDriver

  Different ways of switching

  Dynamic frames handling

  Frames Size

  Concept of Nested Frames


  Importance of Windows Handling

  Handling the Multiple Windows

  Windows Handling using Set

  Windows Handling using List


  Analyzing WebTable structure in DOM

  Handling multiple webtables in a page

  Dynamically changing WebTable handling

  Extracting values from webTable

  Analyzing the Tagnames

  Different Scenarios with WebTable


  Handling Dynamic Tables In Selenium

  Analyzing the Dynamic WebTable

  Analyzing the HTML Tags in Dynamic WebTable

  Different Scenario with Dynamic WebTable


  Need of Screenshot in Automation testing

  Capture Screenshot in Selenium

  Capture Full Page Screenshot

  Taking a Screenshot of a particular element of the page

  Taking a Screenshot with different file formates

  Random name generation for screenshots


  Finding images count in webpage

  Finding broken images count in webpage

  Finding broken image URL

  JavaScriptExecutor code to verify if image

  code to print desired output as per image


  Identifying URL

  Validating URL

  To Find a broken links

  HTTP response code

  Collect all the links in the web page


  Select class in Selenium WebDriver

  Different Select commands

  Multiple Select commands

  DeSelect Commands

  Get All options

  Dropdown without Select tag

  Handling dropdown with values changing its position dynamically.

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